What is UNIV 101?

UNIV 101 is a “university course” that examines the subject of race through the lens of multiple academic disciplines. UNIV 101 is offered as a gateway course that will introduce students to the rich scholarship we have at Duke in this area, across numerous fields of study.

Who can take UNIV 101?

Any enrolled undergraduate student. An equal number of seats will be reserved for all class years. Seats will be reserved for sophomores, juniors, and seniors until July 15 and then first-year students will have the opportunity to enroll. All reserves will expire July 23, and remaining seats will be open to any undergraduate, regardless of class year.

What is the enrollment cap?

300 students

Are there pre-requisites?


How will the course be graded?

UNIV 101 is mandatory S/U (Satisfactory/Unsatisfactory) for all students and will have no letter grades. A grade of S will be awarded if a student earns the equivalent of a letter grade of C- or better, while a U will be awarded for the equivalent of a D+ or worse grade. S/U grades are not factored into your GPA, and will not count toward Latin Honors.

What academic requirements does UNIV 101 count for?

UNIV 101 will have the following course curricular codes:

  • Social Sciences (SS)
  • Cross-Cultural Inquiry (CCI)
  • Ethical Inquiry (EI)

UNIV 101 will also meet requirements for the following departments (check back regularly for updated information):

  • African & African American Studies – major
  • Art, Art History, and Visual Studies – all eight majors
  • Cultural Anthropology – major & minor
  • Documentary Studies – certificate
  • Education – minor
  • Gender, Sexuality, and Feminist Studies – major
  • Political Science – major
  • Psychology – major
  • Public Policy – major
  • Sociology – major

UNIV 101 will count as one of the five SSH courses required for Pratt students. In terms of Area of Knowledge, it carries the SS code.

How will it be taught?

Four Duke University professors are the co-conveners of the course and are responsible for development of course topics, structure and outline, and learning outcomes. In addition, there are 14 guest lecturers from within and outside Duke University who will lead weekly lectures on a variety of topics related to the study of race.
For more information on the co-conveners and guest lecturers, please see the course summary.

2.5 hour required weekly lecture with rotating guest lecturers on Tuesday afternoons. The first half of each course meeting will be delivered in lecture format, with the second half discussion-focused.

How else can I connect to UNIV 101?

UNIV 101 along with other Duke departments and organizations will host public events during the 2021/2022 academic year that will be open to all members of the University and the general public.  

Where can I find related courses?

For additional questions, please contact Landy Elliott, Assistant Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education, at Landy.elliott@duke.edu.

Grad TA Recruitment

Interested in serving as a graduate assistant for this course?  See job description and application instructions here.  Please submit applications by June 30, but applications will be considered until all positions filled.